East African Adventure

Once a year, I travel to the motherland of Tanzania to be at one with my roots (and to catch up with all my relatives). 2015 was no exception, except this time I was lucky enough to experience the beauty of Zanzibar on the same trip, as well as the Serengeti National Park. Hope you all enjoy reading my African adventures!

My first stop on this amazing 10 day holiday was Zanzibar. Although I’d never been before, my family had and were able to plan a culture filled (?) / relaxing couple of days. The pictures below don’t do it justice but will give you an idea of what it’s all about.

image  image
image  image image  image image  image

After an amazing couple of days in Zanzibar, we decided to move on to our next adventure – a Tanzanian Safari. The Serengeti national park is Tanzania’s oldest and most popular national park. Home to lots of different animals, it is great fun for all the family (including my 3-year-old nephew). If i’m honest… far too many Zebra.

image  image

Towards the end of the trip, I was shattered. It was great to have a couple of days in Mwanza, our home town, and take in some of the culture, look around some of the shops and relax around the Lake Victoria. I would highly recommend a trip to Tanzania, as you would be spoilt for choice with lots of things available to do.  Check out the links below to find out more information.

image  image


Visit Tanzania

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