Rome, Italy

Contrasting my previous blog ‘Venice’, Rome has a completely different feel to its city but is still as enticing as the other tourist attracted areas. Not as serene and laid back as Venice, Rome posses’ a much more cosmopolitan feel to it, filled with art, architecture and culture – and there is certainly a lot more cars. There is very much a London feel to the city – which could be down to it being Italy’s capital – however this is something I enjoyed as I like getting emerssed in to a busy environment and taking it all in.

The city is filled with ancient ruins such as the Roman forum, Collosseum and the Trevi Fountain, which bring back a feel of the Roman Empire, showcasing its unique character and heritage. Compared to Venice, Rome is worlds apart but is perfect for a city break or an active holiday where you can explore the cities history and embrace all the culture. Unfortunately I didn’t get to see the Pope.

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