Sunday’s are usually spent as a day of rest, however with my energy levels this just doesn’t work for me. Even if it’s just a simple walk, a day on the beach or a drink with friends I always make sure to make the most of the day before the work week commences – and this weekend was no different. Recently I have been feeling quite run down and sick, so although I spent the majority of the weekend blowing my nose atleast I had a nice view to back me and some sun on my skin. 
I started the day by getting showered and dressed (like most days) and as you can see from the picture above, there was a lot of Adidas involved. Rocking an adidas originals 3 stripe black tee, skinny ripped black jeans and black/white Adidas originals superstars, I was ready. First stop, the sea front.

Although it was sunny, the sea front was surprisingly quiet (maybe because it was a Sunday) but I liked the peaceful serenity – it made the walk so much more relaxing. After a nice long walk along the seafront, it was only fitting to get a 99 ice cream (are they still called that since they are no longer 99p), which was just as nice as it looks below.

Next stop – a cheeky drink with friends. Due to the fact I wasn’t feeling tip top I was only able to stomach a Coca Cola, but it was still nice to sit down on the beach and watch the people walk by. The day was so nice, as i was able to take myself out of any stressful situation and just relax and enjoy the sunshine. For a moment I felt as though I was actually on holiday, just without the obligatory  tan lines. 
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To shop the look;

T-Shirt – www.asos.com

Jeans – Primark Brighton Store.

Shoes – www.adidas.co.uk

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