How to soften a spiky beard 

2015 has been the year for beard – and whilst I am unable to (nor do I wish to do so) grow a full rugged beard I am usually one for rocking a subtle stuble (?). There are many reasons to grow a beard, maybe you want to disguise your chin, or just want to keep your face warm in colder than normal temperatures (classic UK), but one thing should always remain key – the upkeep.

Just like the hairs on your head, and otherareas of your body, you’re going to need to take certain precautions to keep things hospitable. Beards have a tendency to become unruly and itchy nightmares, especially if not tended to correctly. This is fantastic not only just for the beard holder, but also for anyone whose face is going to come in contact with your own. So below I have included some useful tips, to help tackle the spiky beard.

Trim Less: Overtime you trim your facial hair, it becomes sharp and jagged and therefore has the potential to irritate your face and the faces of others. It’s simple, but by cutting your beard less often, you therefore reduce this risk. Unfortunately due to my work, this isn’t always an option, so if like me you need to trim – keep reading.

Wash Often: Every day, your face attracts a lot of dirt from the elements and as your beard is at the fore front of this, you need to make a contest effort to keep it clean. I try to clean it two or three times a week, with a beard-specific shampoo if at all possible, to get rid of the dirt while at the same time refreshing and softening the hair. Softer hair equals less itch. Don’t stop there though – to maintain the natural minerals in the beard it is just as important to condition, providing softness and shine and bringing back the minerals and oils to your hair.

Brush It: If your face is starting to look unkempt and unruly – you need a beard comb. Grab a beard-size brush or comb and go to town.

Hope the above information helps – and make sure to follow my blog for future posts and updates, as well as my other social media channels.

– toddyblog

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