Berlin, Germany

Throughout my life, I have been lucky enough to experience lots of different cities and cultures within Europe, but none have been able to draw be back in like Berlin. Filled with plenty of culture, good food and amazing nightlife, Berlin is great for a short city break or even an extended holiday, as there is plenty to see and do.

I travelled to Berlin back in 2009, however I didnt get to experience all it has to offer, so when the opportunity arose to return i jumped at the chance. Berlin is just a short distance from the UK, which makes it affordable and accesible and perfect for a quick city break. Travelling solo can always be a daunting experience, but the city is one of those places were you intereact with both the locals and other tourist and end up with a sense of unity – which was lucky as this was the first time i had travelled on my own.

Below are some of the places i was able to visit in my 4 day trip, however the photos dont do the city and architecture justice, as it definitely needs to be seen to be appreciated. I visited some of the well known landmarks, such as the Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie and Brandenburg gate, as well as other cultural hotspots like Berlin Cathedral and the main shopping district Alexanderplatz.

i would highly recommend a trip to Berlin – hopefully i wil be fortunate enough to visit again – Ich liebe berlin!


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