Belfast, Ireland

“Here we go again, back from another holiday” I hear you say? I recently travelled to Belfast in Northern Ireland for a short city break with friends, enjoying the Christmas markets and experiencing what the city has to offer. This wasn’t my first my time visiting Belfast, I’ve been a number of times before, however each trip proves to be a new experience, seeing lots of different sights.

The city of Belfast is filled with plenty of history and culture, including sights like the Titanic Belfast, Botanic Gardens and the City Hall, as well as a buzzing atmosphere and nightlife. I can try and claim the trip was more focussed on culture, including sightseeing and tours, however this isn’t totally the case. Spending most of my time in the locals pubs, tasting all the finest Irish brews is the reality, and it was a great one. As they say “when in Rome”. I did also experience the Christmas markets and ate a large amount of food, so all in all a great trip. Below are some photos of the trip, especially to get you in the Christmas spirit.


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