Shepherd and Dog, Fulking

Looking for a place to eat and relax in the countryside – look no further.

Last week, on a dreary Saturday afternoon, my friends and I decided to get in the car and find a nice country pub to have some food and drinks at. The Shepherd and Dog had been recommended to us by a number of friends, so as we dawned closer we thought it only fitting to venture in and see what all the fuss is about.

The area surrounding the pub was stunning, with lots of greenery and flowing rivers – perfect for the summer months. The inside had a warm feel to it, with an open fire and candles around, so already I was feeling relaxed and cosy – compared to the freezing temperatures outside.

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Now the food, this was on another level. After much deliberation on what to order from the menu I finally decided upon the steak and kidney pie, with garlic mash and vegetables. This was by far one of the best meals I have eaten and it was extremely moreish. If the presentation was not enough to make me dig in, the taste was certainly enough to keep me quiet.

After our mains, we took some time for a breather, but it wasn’t long before ‘dessert’ was mentioned and suddenly we all had the menu back in our hands. Again after much deliberation, I had finally decided upon the Ice Cream plate. This was three different types of Ice Cream (Chocolate & Chilli, Beetroot, Coffee and Cardamom) served alongside ginger steamed pudding, lemon cheesecake and biscotti – It was amazing. I’m not usually one with a sweet tooth, however the blend of sweet and savoury was the perfect combination and I was able to demolish the entire plate.

I would highly recommend going to the Shepherd and Dog, if not just for the food. The staff were extremely friendly and made the entire experience very relaxing and enjoyable. The only thing I would say, is that the summer is probably a better time to visit as you will get to enjoy the gardens but that’s a minor detail. I have linked their website below, so you can check out their menu and directions on how to get there (you may need a car).

Shepherd & Dog – WEBSITE

 – toddyblog

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